Summer Upgrades, part 4: “Little things” « UseMyStats

Alrighty, if you’ve made it this far in our series of summer upgrades, congratulations. If you’ve missed any, go ahead and check out about Integrations, Trophies and Stat Nudges. Now on to the “little” upgrades over the summer, and we all know it’s the “little things in life that make it worth living”. And the same often goes for software. It’s often the little things that either make or break a piece of software.

So here’s a overview of a bunch of the smaller upgrades:

  • We now have zoomable graphs. 
  • We cleaned up the Users pages. They are much cleaner and now it’s much easier to see what a person has access to if there’s a question.
  • The mutli-graph page got a complete face lift. We moved some pieces around, made it so you can change one of the graphs after it’s been added to the graph and wait for it…you can save multi-graphs now so you can compare stats and then reload that comparison over and over again without having to rebuild it each time. And we added more options like accumulating time periods and different types of lines to make graphs easier to read in black and white when printed.
  • Stat Group page was cleaned up and simplified.
  • I’m sure everyone has noticed this, but the login page got a complete facelift to make it cleaner and more clear where to log in.
  • And of course a bunch of updated translations–German got a complete overhaul by one of our users from Germany.

And what are we working on for this fall?

  • The single graphing page is getting an overhaul
  • Combination graphs (sort of like saved multi-graphs, but simpler)
  • The data entry pages are getting a facelift
  • and more….