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Custom Scale

Have you ever had a graph change range? It may have been steadily in one range, but then things changed and now the range is entirely different? If you have, then you know that it can make it hard to see how up and down the stats really were when looking at the big picture.. . . Read More

Custom Time Periods

Sometimes, it is useful to be able to look at a specific time period for a statistic.  To see this, you may need to extend the graph to a longer period of time. Or, you may want to look only at the trend of a specific three month period. This help article will show you. . . Read More

How to Set a Stat Calculation

Have you ever had a stat that you needed to calculate before you could enter the value? Perhaps you want to know the total hours worked this week, but that means you have to add fifty different employee’s hours, by hand. Or you may need to find out the average gross income per employee. Instead of doing the. . . Read More