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Summer Upgrades, part 3: Stat Nudges

First off, let me just assure you that no, we are not planning to just email you so much that you get annoyed enough to enter your stats. Despite the name, that’s not what we are talking about! I’ve long been a believer that great software is born out of extreme laziness. And I work. . . Read More

Common QuickBooks Desktop Integration Issues

“UseMyStats Needs More Information” Problem: UseMyStats or the QuickBooks Web Connector are missing information needed to push the stats to UseMyStats. Solution: Open QuickBooks with the correct company file. Open the QuickBooks Web Connector (it’s usually found in the tray down by the clock in the right bottom corner of the screen) and click on the. . . Read More

Summer Upgrades, part 2: Trophies

UseMyStats.com has a little bit of a different view on stats. Sure we let you keep them and graph them and combine them in all sorts of ways like any good stat software. But we’re taking it a step further. Without sacrificing any quality, we want stats to be EASY and FUN! Yea, you read. . . Read More

Summer Upgrades, part 1: Integrations

News Flash!! UseMyStats has several new features you might not know about yet! The team at UseMyStats.com have been busy beavers over the summer, and now that we have officially moved into the fall season, we wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering all. . . Read More