Summer Upgrades, part 1: Integrations « UseMyStats

News Flash!! UseMyStats has several new features you might not know about yet!

The team at have been busy beavers over the summer, and now that we have officially moved into the fall season, we wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering all the highlights, from simple speed and ease of use upgrades to whole new features to help make keeping stats less of a chore and let you spend more time using your stats to manage things. That is the goal after all.

First up on the announcements list: Integrations!!!

 DENTRIX   QBDesktop


Integrations are one of the big new features this summer. We are all about you being able to USE your statistics. Hence the name UseMyStats. But if we’re completely honest, the “paperwork” of keeping stats has always been, at best, a necessary chore. And no one likes chores. So we’re on a campaign to eliminate as much of that chore as we can for you.

Many of you have probably seen the “Integrations” tab on the menu. Some adventurous folks have even set them up and gotten going with them. We have some help articles on the mechanics, but here’s the overview.

We currently support integrating with Google Analytics, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks (desktop version), Infusionsoft (all-in-one sales software) and Dentrix (dental software), with more on the way. Once the integration is set up, we will go get your stats for you. We even go back and double check a few times later to make sure the data hasn’t changed!

What does that mean for you? After the initial set up of the integration, no more data entry for that stat! Our own internal time spent going out and finding the numbers and then plugging them in (we use UseMyStats too!!) has dropped by probably 75%!

The goal to get rid of all manual data entry and have the numbers auto-magically show up in UseMyStats  (our internal goal) might not be realistic for all companies, but we’d like to help eliminate it as much as possible. So go ahead and set up some Integrations to start saving time immediately. And if you use other software that we can pull data out of, please send us a support request letting us know which software so we can see how to go in and get the stats for you. Then you’ll have more time for doing what you do best!


That’s it for today, but in the next few weeks, we’ll cover some or all of the following, but don’t feel you have to wait, go ahead and explore:

  • User Trophies
  • Stat Nudges (these aren’t just annoying reminders!)
  • Graph upgrades (yes, one is that you can now save multi-graphs)
  • And a bunch of smaller upgrades that will make even easier to use


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