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Quick View – Stat Totals & Averages

The graphing section of UseMyStats includes full options for viewing stats over specific dates, including prior years, comparisons to other stats, etc. But what if you just want a quick answer on a particular stat? What if you don’t need the graph, just the math? This is what the quick-view of totals and averages is. . . Read More

Advanced Stat Options

Here’s an overview of what advanced stat options are available to you, and how to use them. Begin with the Admin button, then the Statistic Creation / Editing option.   Select the stat you’d like to work with in the drop down box and click “Show Advanced Options” to expand the selection:   So what do. . . Read More

Importing Stats

There are several ways to enter stat information to your account. You can enter by individual statistic, groups of statistics, and by multiple dates at a time. But what if you are just setting up your account, or have multiple new statistics to enter that have been tracked for a long time? Don’t worry, we. . . Read More