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How to Make Entering Stats a Part of Your Business

As a business owner, consultant, manager, or sole proprietor, you may find yourself up against some habits that prove hard to break. (I know I have!) Making a new habit stick seems to be even more difficult. When it comes to entering business statistics, it can be tough to get your employees (and/or yourself) to. . . Read More

Introducing the Combination Graph!

Say goodbye to the days of logging in each week to create the same multiple graph you created the week before! Follow these simple steps to create one easily accessible graph that represents multiple statistics:  Begin at the Statistic Creation / Editing page, and click “Create New”. Enter the name for your combination graph, change. . . Read More

Magic Sauce – Crossing the time period barrier!

Does it ever feel like you have to be Einstein to turn a daily stat into a monthly stat? Do you end up making multiple stats, one for each span of time in a desperate attempt to succeed? We hate feeling confused, and we especially hate doing something more than once which is why we’re hereby announcing. . . Read More

Why Keep Stats and Why UseMyStats?

Sometimes it’s back to basics. We’re stat nerds, constantly working with metrics, stats, analytics, whatever you want to call them, but for some people this is a totally new concept. And for others it’s just unreal because only large companies have enough resources to track themselves. UseMyStats was created to give access to track statistics. . . Read More

How Backlog Stat Entry Works

Times come up when you cannot enter stats for a while. Whether it is a few days or a few weeks, sometimes it gets hard to find the time to make sure the stats are in. Or, you could be new to the online stat software, and wondering how to have all of your production. . . Read More

Entering Quotas

Here’s a feature of UseMyStats you may not have noticed before: Stat quotas. Many companies have a clear goal in mind when dealing with statistics. Quotas allow you to see a visual representation of that goal and how close you are at any given time. There are two locations to enter quotas. Let’s begin with. . . Read More

How To Enter Stats

Let’s get back to basics. How do you enter stats to your account? UseMyStats provides four simple options, all accessed from the “Enter Stats” section:    Let’s begin with “Group Stat Entry”.    Use the dropdown box to select the group you would like to work with. If you have statistics already entered to your. . . Read More

Notes on Statistics

Introducing statistic notes!  Our newest feature adds the ability to place notes on statistics which display along with the graph for easy viewing. Anything can be entered on a note, from a change in the way the stat is being calculated to a note about what was occurring within the company that week.  Under the. . . Read More

Quick View – Stat Totals & Averages

The graphing section of UseMyStats includes full options for viewing stats over specific dates, including prior years, comparisons to other stats, etc. But what if you just want a quick answer on a particular stat? What if you don’t need the graph, just the math? This is what the quick-view of totals and averages is. . . Read More