January « 2016 « UseMyStats

Welcome to the new, cleaner menus!

We’re always innovating at UseMyStats and we love hearing from our customers about how to make the site a better . Periodically we gather together your suggestions and take the next step toward usability and speed. We’ve put in better icons, and made some changes to the Admin menu so settings are easier to access.. . . Read More

Introducing the Combination Graph!

Say goodbye to the days of logging in each week to create the same multiple graph you created the week before! Follow these simple steps to create one easily accessible graph that represents multiple statistics:  Begin at the Statistic Creation / Editing page, and click “Create New”. Enter the name for your combination graph, change. . . Read More

Magic Sauce – Crossing the time period barrier!

Does it ever feel like you have to be Einstein to turn a daily stat into a monthly stat? Do you end up making multiple stats, one for each span of time in a desperate attempt to succeed? We hate feeling confused, and we especially hate doing something more than once which is why we’re hereby announcing. . . Read More