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Data Grid & Export Options

Does UseMyStats have an option for getting my data back out of the system? What if I just want to see the history of values on a stat, without the graph? Is there a simple way to find my highest ever week? All of these options are easily done within the “Data Grid” page, accessible. . . Read More

How to Correct Past Stat Entries

What do you do when a stat was entered on the wrong week? Or when an entered value needs to be changed? How do you see the history of entries and changes on a particular statistic? These things are all done on the “Statistics” page under the “Admin” menu:   To make corrections to past entries,. . . Read More

Notes on Statistics

Introducing statistic notes!  Our newest feature adds the ability to place notes on statistics which display along with the graph for easy viewing. Anything can be entered on a note, from a change in the way the stat is being calculated to a note about what was occurring within the company that week.  Under the. . . Read More