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“No Stat is a Constellation”

Alright, so that’s a blatant rip off of the whole “no person is an island”, but it’s true. It’s always useful to watch statistics over time. Then you can see if they are going up or down. But it’s often necessary to compare different graphs to really see the full picture. Let’s take an example. All. . . Read More

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing with Stats

Using stats is the smart way to grow your business. When it comes to business and life in general, “I don’t know” isn’t all that helpful. In most cases, “I don’t know” should be an indicator that there is another step to take, and that usually involves research of some sort. Whether that is asking. . . Read More

What Does all This Statistical Data Mean?

Making sense of statistics can make or break a business. If a certain set of data is misinterpreted or a problem is not identified in time, a business can suffer. On the other hand, a missed opportunity can mean missed business. For example, after tracking some stats, you notice a trend: when you send out. . . Read More

Introducing the Combination Graph!

Say goodbye to the days of logging in each week to create the same multiple graph you created the week before! Follow these simple steps to create one easily accessible graph that represents multiple statistics:  Begin at the Statistic Creation / Editing page, and click “Create New”. Enter the name for your combination graph, change. . . Read More

Magic Sauce – Crossing the time period barrier!

Does it ever feel like you have to be Einstein to turn a daily stat into a monthly stat? Do you end up making multiple stats, one for each span of time in a desperate attempt to succeed? We hate feeling confused, and we especially hate doing something more than once which is why we’re hereby announcing. . . Read More

How to View Overlay Graphs

You may find that you want to quickly compare how two statistics are doing. You could go back and forth from one graph to another, with the value scale changing and making it confusing. OR, you could use the overlaid graphs feature.   Once you log in, go to “Graphing” then “Multiple/Overlay Graph”. It will open. . . Read More

What Your Graph Shows

We are reaching the end of our graphing series. You’ve learned how to change the interval, create a custom time period, adjust the scale, and generally how to customize how your graph displays. Now you may want to know how to change what your graph displays. For some graphs, it may be helpful to see things. . . Read More

Custom Scale

Have you ever had a graph change range? It may have been steadily in one range, but then things changed and now the range is entirely different? If you have, then you know that it can make it hard to see how up and down the stats really were when looking at the big picture.. . . Read More

Custom Time Periods

Sometimes, it is useful to be able to look at a specific time period for a statistic.  To see this, you may need to extend the graph to a longer period of time. Or, you may want to look only at the trend of a specific three month period. This help article will show you. . . Read More

How to Set a Stat Calculation

Have you ever had a stat that you needed to calculate before you could enter the value? Perhaps you want to know the total hours worked this week, but that means you have to add fifty different employee’s hours, by hand. Or you may need to find out the average gross income per employee. Instead of doing the. . . Read More