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How to View Overlay Graphs

You may find that you want to quickly compare how two statistics are doing. You could go back and forth from one graph to another, with the value scale changing and making it confusing. OR, you could use the overlaid graphs feature.   Once you log in, go to “Graphing” then “Multiple/Overlay Graph”. It will open. . . Read More

How Backlog Stat Entry Works

Times come up when you cannot enter stats for a while. Whether it is a few days or a few weeks, sometimes it gets hard to find the time to make sure the stats are in. Or, you could be new to the online stat software, and wondering how to have all of your production. . . Read More

How to Create a Stat Group

Stat groups allow you to enter several related stats in one easy location. Creating a stat group is easy, and will save you the time of having to switch from one stat to another to another to another.   Once you log in, go to “Admin”, “Stat Group Management” Click “Create New” to add a. . . Read More

How to Edit a Stat

Sometimes you need to edit a stat. Whether you need to change the name of the stat or the decimal point to which it displays, you’ll become the master of editing your stats.   Once you log in, go to “Admin”, then “Statistic Creation/Editing”.  Select the correct statistic from the drop down menu Most of. . . Read More

How to Add/Edit Users

If you are new to UseMyStats, have a new employee, or are simply having a new person input stats, you might like to know how to add a new user. You also may need to know how to change the name, email address, etc. of one of your users. Here is a step by step guide. . . Read More

How to Add a New Stat

Whether your company is growing or you’re just starting, you need to know how to add a new stat on UseMyStats. It’s helpful for growing companies who may have a new employee, or a new area that needs stats, etc. It’s helpful for a new company because if you can’t create a stat on UseMyStats.com,. . . Read More

How to Edit Your Company Details

It may happen that you need to adjust the details of your company. You may have moved from one time zone to another, or you may have a new administrator. Whatever your need to adjust your company details, this is where you’ll learn to do it!   First, log in and go to “Admin”, “Company. . . Read More