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Stats are like a Good Friend

Stats are like a really good friend. Really good friends are honest. They’ll tell you how it is or how it isn’t. They are the ones that will let you know that you’ve been walking around all afternoon with something in your teeth or that maybe those pants are the best choice. And on the. . . Read More

UseMyStats Given Commander’s Award

Everyone that works for UseMyStats is active in their community. It’s not a requirement, just something that all of us end up doing as part of our everyday lives and something that we encourage and support as a company. You’ll find us coaching youth soccer, being active in Bikers Against Child Abuse, or helping out. . . Read More

“No Stat is a Constellation”

Alright, so that’s a blatant rip off of the whole “no person is an island”, but it’s true. It’s always useful to watch statistics over time. Then you can see if they are going up or down. But it’s often necessary to compare different graphs to really see the full picture. Let’s take an example. All. . . Read More

Consultants, Don’t Waste Time! Check the Client Dashboard First.

Why else use software to help automate processes if not to save everyone’s time? And we can all agree that a consultant’s time is valuable. Thanks to a response from a consultant on our annual user’s survey, we’ve drastically improved the Client Dashboard. Consultants can now pull up an overview of their clients’ information to help them know. . . Read More

Am I Tracking the Right Stats?

This is a very common question. “How do I know what to track? How many stats is too many stats? How many stats is too few?” It’s sort of a Goldilocks issue. You don’t want to track too many or the important ones get lost in the unimportant. You end up wasting time entering data. . . Read More

It’s not just a slogan…

UseMyStats is non-political, intentionally so. Politics involve so many sides and so many viewpoints that as a business it just doesn’t make sense to take sides. But we are human. This company was started with a single goal to help people and companies to expand, to succeed and to thrive. This counts for our employees,. . . Read More

How to Make Entering Stats a Part of Your Business

As a business owner, consultant, manager, or sole proprietor, you may find yourself up against some habits that prove hard to break. (I know I have!) Making a new habit stick seems to be even more difficult. When it comes to entering business statistics, it can be tough to get your employees (and/or yourself) to. . . Read More

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing with Stats

Using stats is the smart way to grow your business. When it comes to business and life in general, “I don’t know” isn’t all that helpful. In most cases, “I don’t know” should be an indicator that there is another step to take, and that usually involves research of some sort. Whether that is asking. . . Read More

I’ve Been Tracking all of These Business Statistics, Now What?

I know what you’re thinking. We’re a stats company so we’re supposed to say that stats are the “be all, end all”, right? Wrong. Stats are just stats. That’s why we picked the name UseMyStats.  Just “tracking” or “keeping” stats won’t do much for you. You have to use them. We conducted a survey not. . . Read More