How to Make Entering Stats a Part of Your Business « UseMyStats

As a business owner, consultant, manager, or sole proprietor, you may find yourself up against some habits that prove hard to break. (I know I have!) Making a new habit stick seems to be even more difficult. When it comes to entering business statistics, it can be tough to get your employees (and/or yourself) to enter them, and be consistent.

We talk about the importance of business statistics in our “Stop Guessing, Start Knowing with Stats” post, but here we’ll go over a few ways to create a habit of entering stats so you can start putting them to work for you and your business:  

  1. Help your employees (and yourself) see the importance of stats. If they see the direct correlation between their jobs (or your livelihood) to how well the business does, they (and you) can understand the importance of tracking and using stats. Encourage your employees by helping them to see that if the business does better, they’ll do better through job security, bonuses, etc. How you encourage them is up to you, but doing this can create a sense of ownership, which can influence better stat tracking.

  2. Track stats that are useful to you and your business, and have your employees do the same. The stats that affect them directly and are tied to work they do are important for them to be aware of. Capitalize on your employee’s strengths, giving them tasks that they enjoy and feel they do a well. Then have them track the stats that are related and relevant. If you’re not sure where to start, try out some of our Stat Bundles. Then, use the data you track to make informed, objective decisions for the business.

  3. Ingrain the data entering process into everyday life and into the culture of your business. Make it something that is normal (it’s really not abnormal!), and have yourself and your employees set aside time every day/week for entering stats. For new employees, make it a part of the onboarding process, getting the habit formed early on.

    For yourself and seasoned employees, getting the habit to stick may be more complicated. This is where our StatMonkey, Alistair, comes in. With the UseMyStats software, you don’t even have to log in to update your stats. Alistair will email you and remind you that it’s time to update your stats. You can just reply to his email with the updated figures, and he’ll update your stats for you!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: With proper use, stats can help you take your business to the next level. Want to try using stats for yourself and your business? Try UseMyStats for 30 days for free! No credit card required. Sign up for UseMyStats today.