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Consultants, Don’t Waste Time! Check the Client Dashboard First.

Why else use software to help automate processes if not to save everyone’s time? And we can all agree that a consultant’s time is valuable. Thanks to a response from a consultant on our annual user’s survey, we’ve drastically improved the Client Dashboard. Consultants can now pull up an overview of their clients’ information to help them know. . . Read More

New Consultant Account

A “Consultant” account in UseMyStats is a fantastic tool that allows you to monitor and manage multiple accounts from one “master” login. Each individual account has full access to their own data, while you maintain the ability to access them all. So, how do you set up the sub-companies to ensure they are properly tied. . . Read More

How does a Consultant add a new company?

Did you know UseMyStats is perfect for consultants? From within one oversight account, a consultant can manage and add multiple companies, allowing individual and separate access to each. How? Click the link below to watch a video showing how it’s done. If you’d like to be upgraded to a Consultant account, just send us a. . . Read More