Welcome to the new, cleaner menus! « UseMyStats

We’re always innovating at UseMyStats and we love hearing from our customers about how to make the site a better . Periodically we gather together your suggestions and take the next step toward usability and speed. We’ve put in better icons, and made some changes to the Admin menu so settings are easier to access. We’ve updated the options in the header bar and reduced the number of clicks for various functions.

For example, Statistics Admin has been gathered together on one page. Here you can see and sort all your statistics, with simple buttons to create a new statistic, edit the settings of an existing statistic, go straight to graphing, or correct past value entries. 



For Consultants who manage multiple companies, you’ll notice the “Switch Company” button now readily accessible on the menu bar. 


In the header bar you have fast access to view UseMyStats in another language (if you see any translations that aren’t correct, let us know!), view our help articles such as this one, and send instant feedback. 



We’re great at building new features, but one thing we’re terrible at around here is letting our customers know just how much horsepower you have in your account. We promise not to bury you under a constant barrage of popups, but on occasion when there’s an incredibly useful feature is seems you could be using but haven’t, our helpful stat monkey just might show up to be sure you know the feature exists at all! If you’re interested in his tip, click the link to know more. Otherwise just send him off with the red [x] in the corner. 



As always, these updates are here to help you keep stats more efficiently with less effort and we hope they do exactly that. If you do have any questions or want to tell us what you think, use the Feedback button and let us know!