Summer Upgrades, part 2: Trophies « UseMyStats has a little bit of a different view on stats. Sure we let you keep them and graph them and combine them in all sorts of ways like any good stat software. But we’re taking it a step further. Without sacrificing any quality, we want stats to be EASY and FUN! Yea, you read that right “FUN”. If you want to run through a wall screaming like a cartoon character when you think of keeping stats or even just have to force yourself to start, then we aren’t done yet.

So to that end, we figured we’d lighten the mood a little bit and add trophies to UseMyStats. You’ve probably seen them up there in the corner. If you haven’t definitely click on the little trophy up there


When you do something for the first time like set up a stat or make a graph or even send us some kind of feedback, you get a trophy! That little icon glows orange and you can click on it to see which trophy you just earned.

And why trophies when lots of other places use “badges”? Well, “badges…we don’t need no stinkin’ badges” (really old movie reference there). Sorry, couldn’t resist. Really, we just like trophies and thought you would too! Good luck!