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UseMyStats is getting a facelift, along with some cool new features! Over the weekend (May 10-11), we will be upgrading UMS to the new version. It’s been a while since we’ve made any large, noticeable changes to UMS, but we’ve been hard at work and now it’s time to show it off.

The new version takes a page from current web applications and is much more friendly to different screen sizes. It works great on a phone as well as on a full-size computer monitor. We’ve also put a lot of work into speeding up the pages, so all in all it should be a pleasant upgrade.

We’ve included a few screenshots below to show you some of the changes. We’ve tried not to change the locations of things too much so the “learning curve” stays minimal, so we hope you enjoy the upgrade.

And just to make sure we don’t lose anyone that needs a little extra time to get used to the new look and feel, we will make sure the old version stays available at https:/ through the end of June.

Owner/Head Honcho Programmer

The Updated Dashboard


Streamlined Graphing


Updated Menus


Mobile-Friendly Appearance


As always, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to tell us your thoughts on the latest changes!