Community Thanks 2015 « UseMyStats

Aside from making stats easy and fun for our users, we like to give back. Part of all of our goals around here is to help make the world a better place, so we take some of the “monetary beans” that are paid our way and channel them back into the community. Here’s some of the ways we’ve done that this year:

Carry the FutureAs I write this, the illustrious and adventurous Christine is gearing up to take a trip as part of Carry the Future. This group is trying to help refugee moms and families in Europe by handing out baby carriers, toys, protein bars and all sorts of goodies. As any parent can attest, carrying a baby all day is no easy task! Can you imagine carrying one across a country or two?!!! And since Christine loves Greece and is a mother of three, she wanted to help out. So we figured why not slap a sweatshirt on the lady, get a bunch of donations from supporters and send her off on a plane to help out with this awesome movement! 

Jaime, the man we call the “prettifier”, has gotten himself hooked on playing Gaelic Football with the Portland Gaelic Football team. Who knew, but this team is part of a larger organization supporting Gaelic sports and culture in the U.S. When we found that out, we thought that was pretty awesome so we decided to help sponsor the team!

And last but certainly not least, we’re all about education around here. Without it where would we all be? So all year we’ve been supporting Author Services, Inc.’s and Galaxy Press’ literacy campaigns to help get books (and e-books) into the hands of as many kids as possible. They’ve partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs to help tons of kids and we’ve helped send several boxes of books to various groups of kids around the country. The letters we’ve gotten back have been amazingly touching! And as the rising tide floats all boats, the more educated people we have, the better off everyone will be!! 

And as we approach this Thanksgiving holiday season here in the U.S., we figured we’d take a few minutes to say thanks to all of our users and supporters out there for being awesome, we love getting the chance to build awesome software for you and for having the chance to spread the love and help on a broader scale.