Updated Pricing and Plans! « UseMyStats

We were recently looking over all of our stats, watching UseMyStats.com grow, and observing how many stats people are keeping track of. We thought “How can we deliver to our customers EVEN MORE than what UseMyStats.com gives them right now?”


We decided the proper course of action was to update our pricing and plans. If you look at our pricing page you can see a full scale grid of what each plan now offers. Most plans have decreased in price and increased in stats. You can also get a more complete picture of all the features you get with UseMyStats.com.


More exciting than our updated plans and pricing is the brand new, totally FREE account for personal use. The free account is smaller and perfect for those that are trying to start a small business, bring more order into their life, or simply REALLY love stats. It’s also a great start for companies that are growing. The free account has a limit of one user and five stats, but when you’re just starting that may be all you need. As your company expands and you can start to hire people and get more stats, you can upgrade to one of our bigger accounts without losing any of the stats you’ve been keeping.