2015 Has Started! « UseMyStats

Wow! 2015 is here! And with the new year, we figured we’d take a minute to look over the past year and see what we did right, what we can improve on and set some targets for 2015.

As far as what we accomplished this last year. Here’s a short list:

  • Speed! We spent a lot of time crunching numbers and working on slow pages. We sped up many parts of UMS multiple times over and we continue on the hunt for all slows
  • Complete redesign to allow the site to work on all sizes of devices and make it more user friendly.
  • Started translating the site (the quality of translation is still a work in progress–if you know any translators that would be interested in helping out, send them our way).
  • Several improvements to the graphing tools to make it easier and faster to visual your stats

We’ve learned so much from our customers over the past year. Things that we never would have thought of without getting it out there and used by people from all walks of life. That’s definitely one of the highlights of the year from my viewpoint as the owner and creator of UseMyStats. Seeing how it’s used to help people “know what’s up” with and manage their businesses and other activities better!

And on to our plans for this year! Of course this is all subject to change based on user input (if you’d like to give us your thoughts, fill out our 2015 New Years survey here).

  • Integrate with other systems. We want to be able to pull in data from Google Analytics or other online sources automatically so that you don’t have to do that data entry!
  • More ease of use and clear, unobtrusive ways of showing you the new features that we are regularly adding to UseMyStats, including regular news updates like this one.
  • Some more videos on how and why to use UseMyStats. Basically beef up our marketing for both new people looking to use UseMyStats as well as making it as fun and exciting as possible to continue to use it.
  • Setting up a referral program so you can share UseMyStats with others and get credit for it!
  • New graphing options and alternate ways to easily visualize your stats
  • Continue work on speed and stability

So as we launch into this New Year, I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to use UseMyStats and may 2015 be the most prosperous and successful one yet for all of us!