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Thanksgiving 2016

We’re a U.S. based company and tomorrow is the annual day many have set aside to stuff our faces with food in preparation for a crazy shopping endeavor the day after–otherwise known as Thanksgiving! And more importantly, it’s also a time to remember there are things to be thankful for. And here at UseMyStats, there’s. . . Read More

Ooooh! Shiny new Dashboard!!

It has arrived! Or should I say, they have arrived. The UseMyStats dashboard just received a major upgrade. You are no longer limited to 9 graphs, which is nice, but the real kicker is that you can now add all sorts of graphs to the dashboard! We of course have the venerable line graphs that. . . Read More

More Clarity and More Simplicity

This last week we launched “Phase II” of our simplification of (for the first round, check this post). You might have noticed the updated menus. For this round, we added a bunch more icons to try to make it really clear which menu item means what. It might seem like such a small update,. . . Read More

Welcome to the new, cleaner menus!

We’re always innovating at UseMyStats and we love hearing from our customers about how to make the site a better . Periodically we gather together your suggestions and take the next step toward usability and speed. We’ve put in better icons, and made some changes to the Admin menu so settings are easier to access.. . . Read More

Why Keep Stats and Why UseMyStats?

Sometimes it’s back to basics. We’re stat nerds, constantly working with metrics, stats, analytics, whatever you want to call them, but for some people this is a totally new concept. And for others it’s just unreal because only large companies have enough resources to track themselves. UseMyStats was created to give access to track statistics. . . Read More

Bug Hunter Awarded Again!

It just happened again! We sent out another Bug Hunter award! We love writing software and making as easy to use as possible. But let’s be honest. We don’t always get everything perfect the first time. Or sometimes we do, but someone else’s idea is even more “perfect”! Our best features have come from. . . Read More Community Thanks 2015

Aside from making stats easy and fun for our users, we like to give back. Part of all of our goals around here is to help make the world a better place, so we take some of the “monetary beans” that are paid our way and channel them back into the community. Here’s some of. . . Read More

Summer Upgrades, part 4: “Little things”

Alrighty, if you’ve made it this far in our series of summer upgrades, congratulations. If you’ve missed any, go ahead and check out about Integrations, Trophies and Stat Nudges. Now on to the “little” upgrades over the summer, and we all know it’s the “little things in life that make it worth living”. And. . . Read More

Summer Upgrades, part 3: Stat Nudges

First off, let me just assure you that no, we are not planning to just email you so much that you get annoyed enough to enter your stats. Despite the name, that’s not what we are talking about! I’ve long been a believer that great software is born out of extreme laziness. And I work. . . Read More

Summer Upgrades, part 2: Trophies has a little bit of a different view on stats. Sure we let you keep them and graph them and combine them in all sorts of ways like any good stat software. But we’re taking it a step further. Without sacrificing any quality, we want stats to be EASY and FUN! Yea, you read. . . Read More